About Karen

Hi! I’m Karen!

You know me – the friend who just got home from one vacation, and I’m already starting to plan the next… The one who designed ALL your travel plans… just because I LOVED doing it! When you came home raving and exclaiming about how awesome it was – well, that was payment enough! And we went on that trip together – where I was up all night planning and fretting, just to make sure everything went just right… and when an issue arose, I tackled it… before you even knew there was a problem. That’s me! Not to mention, I am also a Type 7 on the Enneagram. (Not sure what that is? Just google it! In short, it means you are SURE to have an awesome time!)

A close friend suggested that I use my gift to help others plan their perfect vacation… So here I am, in the business for 4 years now. I’ve always felt that the gift of travel was a top priority – a true gift – to my two amazing daughters and husband. And now, I get to share that passion with not only my family and friends – but also with my clients. That’s where you come in! Let’s partner up… you tell me where you want to go and what you want to experience, and I’ll put in the energy (I have plenty… again that’s a Type 7 thing…) to make it happen!

Let’s talk!

Where have my clients been? My clients have traveled both domestically and internationally. They’ve been on Caribbean vacations, destination weddings and honeymoons, cruise voyages, Walt Disney World escapes, road trips and adventure travels… They’ve travelled the globe from Denver to the Dominican Republic, the Grand Canyon to Grand Cayman. And now, I want to help YOU find your next destination. Let’s start planning!


“Karen is the best! She’s been so helpful and knowledgeable about where we should book our honeymoon during covid. She’s made it the most memorable trip, setting up fun excursions for us while we were there. I’m definitely going to use her for every vacation from here on out! We couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with. Thank you Karen!”

Ansley F.

“Karen made planning our trip so easy. All we had to do was pack and go. She is very knowledgeable about all the cruise ports and excursions. I’ll definitely use her for future travel. She helped make my son’s first cruise a wonderful Christmas surprise.”

Kristen S.

“If you’re looking to book a trip, Karen is the one you need to call. She’s so helpful and truly wants you to have a wonderful and memorable trip. I recommend her 100%. I will definitely be booking through her again. She is amazing.”

Chloe H.