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Fact of Fiction?  A travel advisor can find the lowest price on a vacation.

We say a little bit of both. It’s a common misconception that you should work with a travel advisor solely for cost savings. While Joyful Journeys Vacation Designers work diligently to ensure you are getting the most savings available, the main focus of Joyful Journeys is to match you to the vacation experience that fits you best and will exceed your expectations, while staying as close as possible to your desired budget. We stay up to date on current travel promotions, we sometimes have access to exclusive offers, and we love finding a good deal. But a good deal is only a good deal if it brings value to your vacation! Price is important, but it’s only one factor for consideration.

Another benefit of working with a vacation designer is the elimination of stress surrounding your vacation. A professional vacation designer takes care of every single detail of your trip: customizing an itinerary around your wish-list, booking the trip components, answering questions along the way, and compiling everything you need for a successful vacation. Joyful Journeys Vacation Designers help you feel confident exploring the world, whether you are new to traveling or a seasoned traveler. Even frequent travelers appreciate a sounding board for their ideas and recommendations for new destinations.

And what about emergency situations? You have departed on your vacation and all is going great…until it’s not. Someone on the trip gets sick, a family emergency back home requires you to cut the trip short, a storm requires you to change plans. Who do you call? When you have planned with a Joyful Journeys Vacation Designer the answer is simple; contact your vacation designer and she will help take care of the rest. Flight needs changing? She will wait on hold for you. Need an extra night at the hotel due to weather? Consider it done. No need to worry about which 1-800 number to call. No need to wait on hold. Joyful Journeys will go to bat for you.

So, you are ready to plan the perfect vacation, but it has been a while since you worked with a Joyful Journeys Vacation Designer, and you aren’t sure where to start. No worries, here is a refresher on how the planning process works:

  1. Email or call your Joyful Journeys Vacation Designer. If you don’t have her contact information handy, find it on our website or use our online contact form.
  2. Your Vacation Designer will schedule a complimentary consultation to talk about your vacation expectations, discuss special needs, chat about budget, etc.
  3. Your Vacation Designer will create a well-organized trip proposal with a variety of options to meet your travel needs
  4. You will review the proposal and discuss the options, questions, etc. with your Vacation Designer to decide on the best vacation package for you.
  5. Once you have made a decision, your Vacation Designer gets busy confirming all of the reservations for your dream vacation!
  6. Receipts and updated confirmations will be emailed to you along the way so you stay in the know.
  7. Once the basics of your trip are nailed down, your Vacation Designer will suggest and help book extras that will make your vacation even more special – things like spa services, optional tours, and upgraded transfers.
  8. Your Vacation Designer will keep you up to date on important dates before travel. Whether it is payment reminders or reminders on booking those magical theme park dining reservations, you are covered when you are working with Joyful Journeys.
  9. A couple weeks before your trip, your Vacation Designer will create a travel packet with all the information and details you need for a successful vacation. We offer both mobile friendly and paper options!
  10. It’s time for you to travel and have fun! If you have questions or run into any issues along the way, fear not. Your Joyful Journeys Vacation Designer is available when you need her!

A vacation is not one size fits all. Each client is unique and Joyful Journeys finds joy in customizing a vacation that’s a perfect fit for each traveler. Whether you are looking to plan a bucket list vacation, connect with your family through the gift of travel, or just looking for a quick restful getaway, your Joyful Journeys Vacation Designer is here to help. Let Joyful Journeys turn your “we need to take that trip” to “we are so excited for our vacation”!

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