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Christmas time is here! Well, not quite… but the year has gone by rather quickly, and the holidays are just around the corner. July is the perfect month to organize your gift giving list, and Joyful Journeys can transform you into a gifting superhero! Bunny slippers, clothes that don’t fit, and toys with a zillion pieces can be replaced with experiences that will be treasured for years to come! You’ll be done with your shopping list in no time, and your family will feel loved and appreciated by your thoughtful gift…The Gift of Travel!

Ask any parent if their kids need more toys and the majority will say “absolutely not”! Ask those same parents if they wish they had more quality time to spend with their kids and the majority will say “absolutely”! Giving your family the gift of travel leads to less clutter and more cherished memories. Spouses reconnecting, moms and dads making core memories with their kids, and grandparents spending precious moments with grandchildren are more valuable than any toy.

Vacation Designer Maureen shares her experience: “My husband and I decided to give our kids a trip to Disney World for Christmas. We decided we didn’t need to add more toys to our house that would end up with broken pieces. Instead, we wanted to be able to make memories and have pictures that we could treasure forever. Our favorite part was going to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. The kids loved the special parades, the low wait times, the cookies and hot chocolate!”

Joyful Journeys by Jessi helped a client plan an epic spring break adventure for a grandparent surprising her grandchildren last Christmas. Vickie says “for Christmas last year, I decided to gift my entire family with a trip to Walt Disney World. There were eight of us including me. My three granddaughters could not have been more excited. They have so many toys and clothes that I wanted to give them something that wouldn’t later be donated to a thrift store. The memories made will not only be cherished by them but by me as well. Gift wrapping was easy, Christmas shopping was a breeze and Jessi made our spring break week at Walt Disney World perfect! On Christmas morning, I gifted my family with Disney essentials in the form of backpacks for the trip! I’m looking forward to planning next year’s trip to give my family this Christmas and look forward to working with Joyful Journeys again!”

It’s not just Disney Vacations that make great gifts.A pre-planned road trip to Sedona, Arizona might be perfect for an adventure loving family. Grandma and Grandpa may want to join in at an all-inclusive resort in Riviera Maya. A couple celebrating a milestone anniversary may give each other the gift of a European River Cruise. The wonderful thing about giving the gift of travel is that it can be tailored to the interests of the recipients. Your Vacation Designer can help you plan an itinerary for your loved ones so your gift can be as unique as they are. (The password to enter the drawing for the Chick-fil-a gift card is: “gift of travel”.)

The grand reveal of your Christmas surprise can be as fun as planning the trip! All the suitcases packed and then wrapped up for Christmas morning? Always a win! A holiday scavenger hunt that leads to a treasure chest filled with items needed for a cruise? That was a fun surprise! A puzzle reveal? Hats and gloves with a ski lift pass? The ideas for giving your gift are endless.

With 150 shopping days left until Christmas, it’s not too early to begin planning your gift of travel. Whether it’s surprising your spouse with a trip to an all-inclusive resort, taking the kids on their first ocean cruise, or enjoying a multi-generational trip to a theme park destination, your Joyful Journeys Vacation Designer can help you give the gift of memories.

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