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Our Vacation Designers count it as a blessing to help our clients create wonderful memories through travel. This month, a few members of our team are sharing some of their most memorable vacations.

Exploring Hawaii as a family of four is at the top of my list. None of us had ever visited the islands before. Watching my son surf, my daughter hula, hiking together, experiencing Pearl Harbor, and the North Shore together are my favorite memories. My favorite family pictures were taken on the beach at sunrise and we ended the vacation with a visit to Disney’s Aulani resort. It was my most memorable family vacation.
– Julie Gheesling

Taking our children on their first international excursion while staying at an all resort in Mexico is one of my favorite travel memories. We spent an entire week in Riviera Maya. Mid-week, we decided to go explore a cenote and drive atvs. Watching the kids take in all their surroundings as we drove through the gorgeous terrain and dive/swim in the cenote is a memory I will never forget. They still talk about it a year later!
– Lauren Byers

When my boys were teenagers, we took a post-Christmas trip to the UK. On New Year’s Eve, we drove from Northern England to Edinburgh. It was almost dark at 4:00 pm when we realized we were short on fuel…and all of the petrol stations on our route had closed early due to the holiday. Out of desperation and truly operating on fumes, we pulled into the parking lot of a countryside pub and my husband and his Southern accent ventured in to seek help. Within a few minutes I was hopping in the back seat with the boys while a perfect stranger took the passenger seat and directed us to his farm and a partially full gas can. That was probably the most expensive fuel of the trip because we emptied our pockets to show our appreciation! We made it to Edinburgh and rang in the new year watching fireworks from Calton Hill. We now reminisce (fondly) on the experience. I wonder if the four guys in the pub ever think about the foolish Americans they saved many New Year’s Eves ago! Kindness is a universal language.
– Lisa Lacey

For spring break one year we took a trip to Southern California. We spent two days in Los Angeles exploring the glamour of Hollywood. We then went to Anaheim and spent four days at the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. We wrapped our Southern California tour in San Diego exploring the beaches and the famed San Diego Zoo! It is one of my family’s most memorable and fun trips to date!
– Caroline Millwood

I do not consider myself a nature person at all but I do not think anything could have prepared me for my first look at the Grand Canyon standing on the edge. The wind was howling through the canyon and the sky was vibrant blue. The beauty of it took my breath away. It was majestic and unlike anything I’d ever seen! What a beautiful world we live in!
– Jessi Lofland

We went to the Big Island of Hawaii. We loved spending the week exploring the lava tubes and waterfalls, and relaxing by the pool at the resort. Seeing the red glow from the volcano was a once in a lifetime experience!
– Michelle Haile

After I graduated with my master’s degree, we took a family vacation to Walt Disney World. My 79-year-old grandma and I rode the teacups together and laughed the whole time. She taught me you’re never too old to enjoy going for a spin! Two years later, my husband and I took our twins for their first birthday. To our joy and surprise, they took their first steps at Walt Disney World! Every age is magical at Disney World.
– Jessica Trivino

In the words of author Og Mandino, “The greatest legacy we can leave our children is happy memories.” These precious moments have turned to fond memories for our Joyful Journeys crew. It is our joy to help you make your own happy memories with your family too!


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