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“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” Anne Frank  Many truths can be gleaned from this beautiful quote from a young girl who had to be wise beyond her years. We can do something in the ordinary and the extraordinary to begin to improve the world. Even our long-awaited family vacations can provide an opportunity to improve the communities we visit and that can then help to improve the world.

Joyful Journeys works with many travel suppliers who do wonderful things to enhance and improve their corners of the world. We’re going to share a few today to spark ideas of how you can pair travel with world-changing actions!

“Mālama in Hawaiian means to give back, care for, preserve. The Mālama Hawaii Program through offers a series of vacation packages that give discounts, hotel credits, or even a free night at participating hotels with a volunteer activity. You can help restore the USS Missouri battleship, pick up debris and trash on Maui beaches and trails, plant trees, and a myriad of other opportunities throughout the Hawaiian Islands. You can combine service and sun for your next Hawaiian getaway.” shares Vacation Designer Michelle Haile.

The Globus Family of Brands Lighthouse Project shines their light by supporting causes that provide a brighter future for the people, places, and planet we treasure. Globus offers incredible tours that allow travelers to experience the beauty of wildlife in their natural habitats. Through the Globus Lighthouse Project they are committed to ensuring that all wildlife encounters will be ethical. Globus Lighthouse Project also supports many museums and places that help us reflect on the past and look forward to a bright future.  Check out this 3.5 minute video to see the Lighthouse Project at work.

Vacation Designer Karen Deyton says “One of my favorite activities to do in the Caribbean is the Reading Road Trip. It is a wonderful program where you can visit a local school and work with a group of children to read a story and have discussions with them. When a child is read to, it helps them improve their listening and comprehension skills. It’s also so sweet when kids want to practice reading to you. Being able to take books and treats for everyone in the class was such a wonderful experience. It’s heartwarming to spend time reading with local school children.” Reading Road Trip is one of the hands-on volunteer opportunities available through the Sandals Foundation.

When you set sail onboard any Royal Caribbean Group ship, you’re helping to support ocean communities with Sea the Future. Royal Caribbean Group is committed to “Living our Blue Green Promise” by supporting sea turtle conservation around the world, sponsoring the Ketchikan Salmon Walk (a unique attraction that showcases art, history, and the relationship between Ketchikan Creek in Alaska and it’s native salmon), and conservation efforts for Whale Sharks. Sea the Future also inspires future generations and empowers communities through supporting small businesses, entrepreneurs, and enhancing local economies through employment opportunities.

G Adventures believes in the life-changing power of travel and they also understand that with power comes great responsibility. Responsible Travel G is for Good because of the good this tour company does in each community they visit. G is committed to ensuring child welfare, animal welfare, respecting local cultures, and reducing their carbon footprint. G also works to create a positive impact within the local economy. With G Adventures’ Ripple Score, travelers can see exactly how much of their money spent in destination goes towards the local community. How cool is that? (Speaking of cool – your password for the Starbucks giveaway is: Give Back)

Did you know when you toss a few coins in a fountain to make a wish at Walt Disney World, you’re helping someone else’s wish come true? Disney periodically cleans out all the coins collected in the fountains and wishing well and donates the money to Give Kids the World. Give Kids the World provides kids with critical illnesses a week-long cost-free vacation. Over $30,000 was collected from various fountains and waterways in 2022 and given to Give Kids the World – that’s a lot of wish-granting magic!

Got extra space in your checked or carry-on luggage? Pack for a Purpose partners with local charities and organizations to identify specific needs of the communities they serve. They create lists of requested items and make the lists public on the Pack for A Purpose website. Travelers simply choose their destination, fill extra luggage space with newly purchased items from the list, and drop the supplies off with the participating resort or tour operator. By participating in Pack for a Purpose, travelers can make a meaningful impact and help improve the lives of those in need around the world.

With so many wonderful opportunities to help improve the lives of others, you may have a hard time choosing your vacation. The Joyful Journeys Vacation Designers are here to help! We’d love to hear your passions – educating kids, keeping wildlife safe, supporting small businesses, stopping human trafficking, providing medical care to remote communities –  so we can help you find the perfect vacation that gives back!

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